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Our experience and acumen enables us to deliver solutions other vendors cannot.  

We bring a unique perspective and can help architect truly elegant solutions.

Our clients are hospitals and healthcare facilities that utilize our CCL® services for customizing your Cerner® needs.


Renowned Children's Hospital in Southern California
Business Problem
The client faced issues with specification development and needed a partner that not
only provided CCL® skills but also could lead and augment the existing IT team in
gathering specifications.

Managed a group of IT personnel to facilitate the creation of custom reports to aid the
end users in their daily tasks. Reports included an automated Televox reminder,
dietary orders, nurse review, and a departmental activity journal.
The existing CCL® team was able to construct reports but struggled with the data
models and query efficiency and needed direction.

Automated many processes to free up time for the hospital staff to perform more
pertinent duties.
Enabled the reporting team to handle any future custom CCL®  report requests.
Ensured that the transactions from the billing system interface were balancing with
the Cerner® data and that the future ProFit™ install would work properly with the
current interface.
Leading Health Care System in the Midwest
Business Problem
The client partnered with Cerner® to be the first site to implement the newly created
ProFit™ module. Since the module was in its infancy stage it was lacking a broad
and reliable set of standard reports and Cerner® needed the services of experienced
and proficient report writers and specification gatherers.

Work directly with both the client and the Cerner® ProFit™ team to design, create,
test, and implement nearly 85 ProFit™ reports to be used by the health care system
and also propagate to all Cerner® ProFit™ clients.
Assist during go-live with troubleshooting application, reporting, and database
Train the client end users in CCL® via classroom work and one-on-one interaction to
allow them to create their own custom reports going forward.

Established a core set of standard ProFit™ reports for all Cerner® clients to assist
them in tracking their revenue and billing cycles to ensure timely turn-around on their
Enabled the client to build their own reports more accurately, efficiently, and less
Premiere Health Care Network for the West Coast
Business Problem
The client needed a proven leader to head up the Reporting team to provide direction
and assistance with the reporting needs of the Pharmacy and Nursing teams.

Lead the Reporting team to work with the Pharmacy group (including the director and
multiple pharmacists) to gather requirements, design and create reports and labels,
and hand off to the client's IT group.
Work with the Nursing group to design and create a Kardex form and report within
PowerChart™ using GenViews.

Facilitated in the day-to-day operations of the Pharmacy group to ensure proper
patient care regarding drug interactions and allergies along with ensuring the price
was accurate by maintaining the Formulary.
Provided a quick and easy way for nurses to view a patient's Kardex both real-time
and in report form to help reduce inaccuracies and the use of manual data collection.
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