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Our experience and acumen enables us to deliver solutions other vendors cannot.  

We bring a unique perspective and can help architect truly elegant solutions.

Akcia offers training classes on Cerner’s Millennium™ platform. Akcia’s CCLŽ training classes are conducted by the best developers in the business and are delivered in a cost-effective manner, and conducted at your facility. Our training packages are: Beginner, Upper Level and Mentoring. We provide classroom materials and offer extended support to our clients. The different packages and general class structure are
detailed below.


Beginner Package
The Beginner package is for those that have little or no background with CCLŽ report writing. It consists of a three day class which is a total of twenty four hours of training. The beginner package is for up to six trainees and up to two more students can be added for an additional fee.

Class Structure for Beginner Level:

Accessing CCLŽ
Anatomy of a CCLŽ program
Tables and Fields
CCLŽ Syntax
Basic Queries
Upper Level Packages
The Upper Level package is for those who already have a working knowledge of CCLŽ report writing. We offer two Upper Level training courses:
  A two day class for a total of 16 hours of training
A three day class for a total of 24 hours of training

The upper level packages are for up to six trainees. Up to two more students can be added for an additional fee.

Class Structure for Upper Level:

  Performance Tuning
Record Structures
Creating User-Defined Tables
Postscript Reports
Mentoring Package
The Mentoring package is for those clients that have a specific training need.  For example, if a client wants their staff to have more detailed knowledge of CCLŽ GenViews, Akcia can specifically train on GenViews.  The Mentoring package also ranges in two to three day classroom training.  The price on the mentoring package varies, depending on the amount of time needed to tailor the curriculum and the specific needs for the client.
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